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Do you support the Ontario Hydro Debt. Reduction Charge?
Every month, Ontario residents pay $0.0070 per kilowatt-hour to reduce the debt of the former Ontario Hydro. Ontario Auditor General Jim McCarter announced on December 5, 2006 that among a number of questionable Ontario Hydro expenditures was $127 million worth of goods and services using corporate charge cards, but with few slips or receipts to justify the charges. Click here for more information. We will use the results of this poll to ask the Government to review this situation.
Yes 2 9.1% 9.1%, 2 of 22
No 20 90.9% 90.9%, 20 of 22
Maybe 0 0% 0%, 0 of 22
Don`t Know 0 0% 0%, 0 of 22
Don`t Care 0 0% 0%, 0 of 22
Total Votes22
Posted By Start
Nick 15/10/07 N/A

Date/Time Vote By Comment
09/01/17 No rodger Wylie 18 oakridge rd. s.
28/04/11 No corey
30/04/10 No neil hill Hiway robbery,legal stealing
01/01/10 No bill Why should we pay extra for bad management ?
05/12/09 Yes Rob Miller I liked your site.
18/07/09 Yes a.gilmore This was a public company. We were not consulted about their projects. Now we are asked to pay for them - for how long, and how much. This is typical of big business. The people are not big business but, hey, who really cares - not big business.
06/05/09 No renate
04/05/09 No Paul Johnson Like every good business they should deal with their own problems rather than once again transfering their issues on the backs of hard working Canadians
01/05/09 No Nicole AS IF , LOL , people in this day and time can barely afford there own debts and expeses... if we pay there debt who is gonna pay ours???? NOBODY ... i say fend for urself and pay ur own way ... dont rely on others to pay ur way!!!
01/05/09 No Rich We should not be paying for mismanagement, free meals ect. The meals should only be provided in emergency situations.
01/04/09 No R Ward
24/01/09 No terry
19/12/08 No Pauline O'Brien Who's paying my debts?!
08/12/08 No Deb
01/12/08 No cheepsk8 I've got some bills that everyone else could pay!
29/11/08 No Ed Blimey!
15/03/08 No dave bye why should we pay for their purchase
26/12/07 No bill speller tighten their purse strings I can't charge my business dept to my clients why should they
04/12/07 No burkes
16/10/07 No Sue We pay too much already. Let them handle their own debts just like the rest of us have to.
16/10/07 No Michael Miller Second that!!
15/10/07 No D Nope, why should we have to pay off their debt?

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