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Is the current Mayor and council trying to kill tourism, or are they just terribly incompetent?
Very simple question to take the pulse of local opinion on our municipal governments (hidden) agenda.
Yes 1 50% 50%, 1 of 2
No 0 0% 0%, 0 of 2
Maybe 1 50% 50%, 1 of 2
Don`t Know 0 0% 0%, 0 of 2
Don`t Care 0 0% 0%, 0 of 2
Total Votes2
Posted By Start
baystick 11/06/08 18/06/08

Date/Time Vote By Comment
11/06/08 Maybe observer Who says Parry Sounders even want Tourism. And who ever thought to ask them? Time to seek professional help! Which may be available locally if they were only asked...
11/06/08 Yes rob why are these elected officials trying to eliminate any/all events that attract people to Parry Sound. e.g.- sport bike rally, logging days

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