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Should we allow our government to take Parry Sound out of northern Ontario?
Yes 1 5% 5%, 1 of 20
No 17 85% 85%, 17 of 20
Maybe 1 5% 5%, 1 of 20
Don`t Know 0 0% 0%, 0 of 20
Don`t Care 1 5% 5%, 1 of 20
Total Votes20
Posted By Start
Parry Sounder 09/07/07 09/09/08

Date/Time Vote By Comment
08/08/08 No austin
05/05/08 No gypsy If that happens ther goes the tourist draw for the North
26/04/08 No Kimberly We do not belong in the south, there is not enough here to be considered "in the south"
27/01/08 Maybe debs Don't know enough about the subject
04/12/07 No hayes
12/11/07 No Shari No way
16/10/07 No michael miller this is the land of poverty and the boot out the poor would cost more in employment insurance along with moving those from the land of the rich
13/10/07 No Dave no!! leave us in northern ontario!!
22/09/07 No justin swarbrick no
26/08/07 No crazychick
17/08/07 Don`t Care m.r.
14/08/07 No obvious Hard to change a geographic fact, but politicians have to find something to do with their time and our money, rather than face the real issues...
08/08/07 No julie That is an absolutely apalling, and uneducated suggestion. We ARE part of the North.
14/07/07 No D.Scott
14/07/07 Yes Linda As a resident of Parry Sound (and former resident of both NW and NE Ontario), it's obvious to me that Parry Sound does NOT have the same issues as northern Ontario. FedNor was established to assist with those issues that are uniquely northern.
13/07/07 No T/Zanussi
12/07/07 No Pattie no
10/07/07 No Bobbi
09/07/07 No Jim

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