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Do you believe the leader of the Green Party of Ontario (Frank de Jong) should have been included in the leadership debate?
Frank de Jong was excluded from the recent party leaders debate despite trailing the NDP in the polls by only 2 percent. For more information click here.
Yes 2 100% 100%, 2 of 2
No 0 0% 0%, 0 of 2
Maybe 0 0% 0%, 0 of 2
Don`t Know 0 0% 0%, 0 of 2
Don`t Care 0 0% 0%, 0 of 2
Total Votes2
Posted By Start
John 28/09/07 12/10/07

Date/Time Vote By Comment
10/10/07 Yes Ian
01/10/07 Yes Sue I believe every leader should have a chance to speak out. How else can we make an informed decision?

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