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Should Bilingualism be repealed?
Now I can see the big picture, bilingualism is a divisive policy. Anyone who travels the globe or surfs the internet knows that English is the only truly global language. Sure, there may be more speakers of other languages, but they are in no position to command world attention. Peace lovers everywhere support the concept of One World. To have global peace, we need effective global communications. Having English as a defacto standard language does not inhibit other languages - look at the United States. In a free world, no one can tell you what language to speak as long as you do not offend, harm or harass. More people speak German than French in Canada, should we consider trilingualism? The waste of time and money in support of bilingualism cannot be supported in a time of recession and global warming. Time to get our priorities straight and repeal useless laws and meaningless reparations. What is past is past, time to get over it. We need all hands on deck to make it to the next millenium!
Strongly Agree 1 33.3% 33.3%, 1 of 3
Agree 2 66.7% 66.7%, 2 of 3
No Comment 0 0% 0%, 0 of 3
Don`t Agree 0 0% 0%, 0 of 3
Strongly Disagree 0 0% 0%, 0 of 3
Total Votes3
Posted By Start
Pierre Elliot Trudeau 01/01/09 25/02/09

Date/Time Vote By Comment
01/01/09 Agree Jack Bilingualism probably seemed like a good idea at the time. Things change. Oh well...
01/01/09 Strongly Agree Welcome to Quebecanada Currently Quebec receives about 8 billion dollars a year from taxpayers in the other provinces. It is not a poor province, despite the fact that Statistics Canada has shown that Quebecers work the fewest hours, the least productive of all Canadians.
01/01/09 Agree Betty I do love a French accent though!

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