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Do you support the HST?
Some say tax grab, others wonder why politicians cannot tighten the belts like other Canadians. What do YOU think? See the official posting here: \"Legislation to enact the harmonized sales tax (HST) has been passed by the Governments of Canada and Ontario. The HST will be applied on most supplies of goods and services made in Ontario at a rate of 13%, consisting of the 5% federal portion and an 8% provincial portion.\"
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No 50 100% 100%, 50 of 50
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Total Votes50
Posted By Start
Nick Slater 14/04/10 01/07/10

Date/Time Vote By Comment
14/04/10 No KJ Hill The cost of everything will go up. It is just another McGinty tax grab.
08/05/10 No sue Just another B.S. tax grab.
14/04/10 No Rachelle and Mel DeBoer This is not a good thing...more of your dollars given to the government. We pay more then enough taxes already!
09/05/10 No E, Zanussi
15/04/10 No glen woolner
10/05/10 No Janet Watkinson I think we as Canadian people are so passive, politicians just ram what ever they want down our throats because they know they can. When are we as a people going to say enough is enough and stand up and let our voices be heard! Its about time !!
15/04/10 No denys thompson it will hurt canadians big time,,gouging them of there money
15/04/10 No Holly It is just the Governments way of helping them get out of debt, and trying to say the business's wanted it. A total lie on their part. We are taxed to death now and now we get additonal tax on the money that we have already been taxed on. It has to stop.
16/04/10 No Edward W. English Too damn much money going to this Liberal gov. now.. and they just waste it.. Hopefully there's an election coming soon..
17/04/10 No Douglas A Brown
18/04/10 No Janet McEwen
14/04/10 No R E McEwen
24/04/10 No Roger Freeman
29/04/10 No tim rusk i wrote an intelligent letter that couldnt fit with 255 letters sorry tim, im a trucker hauling an aggregate and it dost hurt me so much as i pass it along to the contractor, who passes it along to the consumer, who takes it up the shute. yours truly tim
14/04/10 No MADELINE ANDREWS this country is taxed to death-small business is going to suffer-as people we have no rights left
08/05/10 No Adam More taxes! This is not good. What's our government trying to do, destroy the small busnesses in an already difficult time of poor economy.Wake up and smell the coffee. This is what happens when rich people make the rules. Please stop this new tax!
14/04/10 No R Welsh
08/05/10 No Neta Buchanan Tax grab definitely, I am a senior and I can't see how it is going to do anything but make be poorer.
15/04/10 No W Midzain
09/05/10 No bog It is tax that will force boaters out of Canada. Rather than spend our boat travel money in Canada (as we would prefer to do) we will be forced to buy a boat outside the country and travel outside the country because of this regressive boat tax.
15/04/10 No Carinna Pellett The cost of HST to the taxpayer will be immense; especially to those in low income brackets. The government has already spent millions of dollars on severance packages for workers, though... what if they had used that as income, instead of this increase?!
13/05/10 No Elsie
15/04/10 No Jennifer
15/04/10 No Delcoe Jeffery
16/04/10 No 8utio09
17/04/10 No Audrey Watkinson I think the politicians should tighten their own belts. I think it's highway robbery that they only have to work 4 yrs. for a fat pension while the normal person has to work 30 yrs. I'm on a pension that does not increase by 8%.
14/04/10 No bystander What could be more unlucky than a 13% tax?
19/04/10 No Angie
14/04/10 No Mark Schonberger Just another way to stick it to you!!
28/04/10 No Theresa Aitken HST is applicable to not merely unnecessary consumerism, but hydro and insurance and yes, even on our burials.
14/04/10 No Gordon Taylor
08/05/10 No D MAckinon
14/04/10 No jim
08/05/10 No Ted Each time the government finds they need (want) more money they hit the tax payers - again and again. They are not known for being frugal, but that is what they need to do. We who work inprivate industry would have no jobs if we didn't find ways to cut.
14/04/10 No joe thompson
08/05/10 No Geo. Smith
15/04/10 No Patrick
10/05/10 No John Brunatti I understand the intention to simplify the tax mechanism. However, the gov't should have lowered the new rate to lessen the burden on the ratepayer. Did you know that local minor hockey must increase rates by $25.00 per child for HST ?
15/04/10 No rob couckuyt we are tax poor now ,when will it stop !!!
15/04/10 No anita tabobondung
16/04/10 No Gerald Crowder it is not going to do us any good at all
16/04/10 No Scott Rose How can adding 8% to labour charged on building a house (no small amount of $$) benefit Canadian business or stimulate economic growth? Not well thought out.
18/04/10 No Luanne Jaklitsch
14/04/10 No Linda Bull
22/04/10 No debbie no just one more tax we cndns dont need!
14/04/10 No Wendy Thompson
28/04/10 No Michelle Being a first nation person, i'm definately against the HST
14/04/10 No Barb Swartz
08/05/10 No d skinner just another cash rip off grab by the government

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